The Unethicals (Journalists) implicated in the Podesta Emails must step down

The Presidential Election of 2016 –there were some good times, some cruel times, some knee-jerk times, and some times that felt hopeless. Journalists from various news agencies ensured that sensational and almost factual headlines kept the electorate engaged. This is not to say that all journalists have lost their sense of direction, integrity, or zeal. There are journalists out there with passion and skills, which they hone daily; however, their counterparts have forsaken the profession. They will be referred to as the “Unethicals” forward. The Unethicals have watered down the pillar, the Associated Press Stylebook, and have forgotten the definition of ethics. It is not only the Presidential Election of 2016 that this occurred, but also during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State, and onward.

The Unethicals, who have given up their passion of the truth of the known and unknown, have turned their eyes a different direction. Their integrity has been clouded by suspicious motivations. Their zeal for the profession is lackluster, due to means not known to their fellowmen, for which they have a duty. The duty they hold is not a task that is taken lightly. The duty comes with honor, and is a beacon to all. The Unethicals, however, have singlehandedly destroyed the trust of their fellowmen. The trust is tarnished in such a way that even journalists who have the nth most integrity are looked upon with watchful eyes. The Unethicals implicated in the Podesta Emails must step down:

1.      Wolf Blitzer (CNN) – DNC fed questions to ask Donald Trump

2.      Glenn Thrush (Politico) –First read to John Podesta before print, multiple times

3.      Jake Tapper (ABC)(CNN) – CNN Jake Tapper congratulated Podesta on WH appointment







There are plenty more, but these would be a start.

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