Google Is Manipulating Its Search Engine To Show Different Headlines For Sites

Google has already been accused of manipulating search results during the Presidential Election of 2016:

Google Denies Accusations It Manipulated Searches for Hillary Clinton

Now we have found further evidence of the mainstream search engine showing stories with different headlines than the actual sites content:

The image below is a screenshot taken on 11/19/2016 at 7:40PM CST. A search was made for “nigel farage says” and Google’s automated Top Stories response showed the following results. Notice the first Top Stories result shows “Nigel Farage says Merkel and Trump are in denial over” and it is a story from Daily Mail.


When you click on the link for the Daily Mail story, it takes you here:

Notice what the headline is in the image below and the link above:


The headline when you actually get to the Daily Mail story is totally different. The difference between the Google database search results for Top Stories and the Daily Mail headline is the name swap of Barack Obama and Donald Trump. Why is Google misleading their database search engine users?


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