Hamilton Actor Who Called Out Mike Pence Has History of Demeaning White Women On Twitter

Hamilton actor, Brandon Victor Dixon, has made headlines recently after he called out audience member and transitioning Vice President Mike Pence. You can read more about the incident here: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/11/19/us/mike-pence-hamilton.html

Now we have these past tweets that were sent out by Brandon Victor Dixon that seem to paint a picture of resentment and suggestive actions to his twitter followers. Some of the suggestive actions state that white women can be taken advantage of on St. Patrick’s Day due to the holiday being known in some circles to involve a lot of alcohol consumption.



It does seem ironic that Brandon Victor Dixon lectured incoming Vice President Mike Pence when he has spoken very terrible things about women.

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  • Learnabout Papercups

    He sounds like a rapist.

  • Veronika Smith

    Typical disgusting savage

  • You’veBeenCucked?

    Lets not pretend we care about shit that’s said 3 years ago.Trump has said worst and he’s our glorious president-elect. You’re playing the liberal’s game.

    • L_W

      The liberal’s game is cage match hypocrisy.
      The left had convulsions over stuff Trump said 10, 15, 20 years ago. No statute of limitations on stuff he’s said, but 3 year ago … that shit doesn’t matter?

      • You’veBeenCucked?

        Not to me.

        • penni

          It matters to me! This dirtbag called all white women whores and said St. Patrick’s Day is a free for all for any black dude who likes white chicks! If you don’t think that MATTERS then you are as bat shit crazy and disgusting as this degenerate here! Geez. I am so tired of being exposed to stupid people. Y’all should have your own “safe place” to go and just stay!

  • ~~~♥♥Baby Doll♥♥~~~

    He sounds like a typical democrat/liberal

  • Ivanna Beadoff

    When you point your finger at someone else, remember 3 are pointing back at you!

  • L_W

    The left’s sacred identity grievance industry (JHK) is in tatters and now they are being exposed as they hypocrites they are.

    • penni

      What does that even mean?

  • Looks like the little liberal ghetto scumbag is nothing more than an MRA POS.

  • Carlos Dangler

    No mudsharks.

  • Chana Ben-Shimon

    why would he use an innocent woman/wife/mother as a jump-off when she had NOTHING to do with the racist comment? what a scum

  • Scarface13

    Poster boy for the pinheads!

  • theignorantone

    Hey, where da white women at?

  • jaydeebee

    Way to perpetuate racist stereotypes and set race relations back years. Golf clap….

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