Reddit’s CEO Steve Huffman Admitted To Altering Users Posts, It Could Be Scary For International Politics.

(/u/Spez) Steve Huffman, CEO of, admitted to altering users posts. You can read more here:


Discreet Discussion Between Site Team Leaders and Steve Huffman

An image has been found of the discreet conversation between the site team leaders and Steve Huffman (Spez). Most of the discussion is how to contain the subreddit /r/The_Donald due to its active community of 300k+. The team members actively schemed on how to take down /r/The_Donald by various means: team members wanted to be granted “Top Mod” status so they could clean up the subreddit; team members wanted to remove all the previous “mods” in the subreddit to make Reddit great again; and other team members wanted the subreddit banned and removed, because they found it repulsive.

Here is a thread that talks about the leaked team leaders discussion with Spez:

One thing to consider is this, Reddit is known to have AMAs “Ask Me Anything” from very prominent individuals. Spez admitted to altering users posts. Hillary Clinton has participated in AMAs with Reddit site users. Imagine the chaos in the political world that could ensue if Spez altered her comments. Imagine if Spez altered President-Elect Donald Trump’s comments in his AMA. Spez has not only broke the trust of site users, he also could have caused international relations to crumble if he used his position with ill intent.

In the past, Reddit users helped provide evidence that dealt with Paul Combetta to congress. How do we know what was found by the users and ordered preserved for congressional investigation has not been edited in any way? These questions now loom due to the actions of Spez.

Katica @GOPPollAnalyst sent in this information regarding how Reddit could have compromised evidence by editing or removing posts/comments:


Daily Caller wrote a story on Katica’s discovery

Spez must give an account to the Reddit community. He must give an account to the world and state he has not altered anything else.

The exchanges between reddit team leaders and Spez:

Here are some of Spez’s exchanges:

“@unholydemigod you can interpret it that way if you like, but it really was just a joke for an hour”

“i think its pretty clear we don’t make a habit of this since i let them call me all sorts of things near constantly”

“@juhesihcaaa hear where you are coming from, but this was pretty targeted,  and i explained where and why i did it”


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  • David

    “a joke for an hour”? Is that like “a slice of pizza for an hour”?

    Not normal phrasing. What did Spez do for “entertainment”?

  • Ben Gozzi

    Creepy little fucker.

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