Roque De La Fuente Signed Recount Petition For Wisconsin In Havana, Cuba At The United States Embassy

Roque De La Fuente signed recount petition for Wisconsin at the Embassy of the United States located in Havana, Cuba.

He also tried to run for President of The United States in 2016:

Election Fraud Hits Roque De La Fuente, Presidential Candidate – Huffington Post

For Tuesday’s primary, Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente will appear on the ballot as a Presidential contender for the Democrats. A millionaire businessman and entrepreneur for 41 years, he has rubbed elbows with Governor and President Ronald Reagan many times.

JF: Why are you running for President of the United States?

RD: Because John Kennedy is not running, Ronald Reagan is not running, Martin Luther King is not running, or anybody I think would make a big difference. If I saw someone that I believe could do a good job, I would have stayed home and watched the race from outside.

Wisconsin Notarized Recount Petition here:




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