Liberal Man From Georgia, Who Lives In Alabama, Despises Southern Culture, And Is Happy Gatlinburg, Tennessee Burned To The Ground

Tennessee officials have confirmed  7 dead from the wildfire in Gatlinburg.

One victim ID’d as Gatlinburg fire death toll rises to 7 – Knoxville News Sentinel:

GATLINBURG — The slowly clearing smoke unveiled a rising body count Wednesday as authorities continued taking stock of deaths and damages from what’s being called East Tennessee’s worst wildfire in a century.

Authorities have revised the death toll to seven people so far, with estimates placing the number of homes and businesses damaged or destroyed at more than 700, Sevier County Mayor Larry Waters said at an afternoon news conference.

“We are still working to identify those seven people,” Waters said. “I’ve never seen anything even close to this in my lifetime, and I hope I never see it again.”

Alice Hagler, missing from Chalet Village, a collection of rental cabins, was one of the three dead found in that neighborhood, her son has confirmed.

This is a tragedy.

Then we have people like this:



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  1. Nothing more Disgusting than these Liberal Idiots! How Dare they come against not just #PRESIDENTELECTTRUMP but THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE! #DrainTheSwamp!

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