Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers Respond To Customers About Employee Coleman Bonner’s Disgusting Statement On Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Coleman Bonner of Alabama recently made an ill-advised statement about the tragedy that has taken place in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

Angry customers began to leave messages on his employer’s Facebook page:



Per Facebook: Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers:

We were made aware of Bonner’s comments yesterday, and please be assured that we addressed the issue immediately. Our heart breaks with the Gatlinburg community, and we are keeping those who have been affected in our thoughts and prayers.

Please know that we aren’t allowed to discuss personnel decisions, but we hope you understand that when we were made aware of Coleman’s remarks, we immediately and swiftly addressed the situation.

This type of character is not who we are as a company, and he does not represent our values. His comments revealed a heart issue that he will need to reflect upon moving forward.

We mourn the loss of life and property suffered throughout the community, and we are keeping all those that were affected in our prayers.

UPDATE: Coleman Bonner is no longer employed by Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers 


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