Salon Editor At Large Thinks Dr. Ben Carson Is A Black White Supremacist

Dwight Watkins is an Editor at Large for Salon. Here is the story: Hustler-in-chief: 5 reasons why I doubt Donald Trump will complete his first term

Here is the snippet:

Not because he nominated Ben Carson to fill a position his own spokesperson admits he knows nothing about, and not because he and Mike Pence are assembling a white supremacist dream team cabinet — yes, I consider Carson a black white supremacist — and not because he proves to be more and more incompetent every day.

Dwight Watkins used fallacies in stating that Ben Carson is a black white supremacist. He does not use any evidence to back up his claims. The statement itself seems comical, like Dave Chappelle’s character, Clayton Bigsby, the black white supremacist.

Dr. Ben Carson’s life was not easy. He grew up dirt poor. He fought the good fight and got selected to lead one of the highest public service positions in the United States.

Carson’s positions on poverty create tension with rags-to-riches life story – Washington Post:

Carson, 64, who built a world-renowned career in neurosurgery and now leads some polls in the Republican campaign for president, broke the cycle of poverty. His neighborhood slid deeper into it.

Carson’s positions on economic issues, particularly combating poverty, were forged in his extraordinary rise from what is now a riverfront slum in the shadow of a long bridge to Canada. But those positions have created a tension in his run for president.

Carson holds up his life story as proof that anyone with enough faith and drive can climb the economic ladder — if they can avoid dependence on welfare. Critics say the decline of his old neighborhood underscores just how rare it is for someone born into Carson’s circumstances to do that without government help.

Dr. Ben Carson has accomplished a lot for a man who started with nothing. The baseless claim that he is a “black white supremacist” and  that he is “incompetent” reeks of jealousy. This accusation, coming from Dwight Watkins, who holds a master’s in Education from Johns Hopkins University and an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Baltimore, who seems to forget that brain surgery is no easy task. One must be more than “book smart” to operate on a very complex organ. One must be competent and wise.

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