Daily Show Host, Trevor Noah, Made Anti-Semitic Posts On Twitter

Trevor Noah is the host of the Daily Show, a late-night television talk show on Comedy Central. He has been critical of President-Elect Donald Trump.

Trevor Noah: Donald Trump’s “Xenophobia” Tactics Are Dangerous – The Hollywood Reporter:

“When I see Donald Trump doing what he does, saying what he says, I go, ‘I’ve seen that same as back home,’ ” he said. “When people are starving, you can sell them any story. Hitler did it in Germany. [Hitler] said, ‘You know why you’re hungry — because of those people.’ That’s the best time to mobilize anyone, is when they’re hungry, and they’re scared. You can give them any story because people want change, and you can give them that change.”

He continued: “When I see Donald Trump say these things, I go, ‘I know what this is. I’ve seen this before.’ I come from a place where at times, xenophobia has risen to a point where there is violence in the street against people from other countries.”  

And then there is this from Trevor Noah’s Twitter history:

trevor_noahH/T Reddit user AlexBirdman; Twitter posts have been archived here:

Someone needs to look in the mirror and re-evaluate themselves. Comedy Central should address his online behavior.

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