Unknown Man Smirks Near Reporter In Aftermath Of Berlin Christmas Market Attack, While On Cellphone

Yesterday there was an attack in Berlin at a crowded Christmas market. According to KTLA5, 12 people have passed away and 48 people were injured in the attack.

Berlin attack: ‘Refugee’ was man behind deadly hijacking of black Scania death truck – 9News:

It now appears that the truck, registered in Poland and loaded with a cargo of heavy steel beams, was hijacked and used as a deadly battering ram in Breitscheidplatz, a major public square, in west Berlin.

The man found inside the truck was shot dead, and has been confirmed as a Polish citizen.

Naved B: Berlin suspect named as 23-year-old Pakistani refugee – Independent:

Asylum-seeker reportedly arrived in Germany around a year ago and lived in airport accommodation centre

The man arrested in connection with the suspected terror attack on a crowded Berlin Christmas market which killed 12 people, has been identified by local media as a 23-year-old Pakistani refugee.

The suspect is being interrogated and denies involvement in the attack, Germany’s interior minister said.

“Naved B” had been living in Flughfen Tempelhof – an old airport that had been converted into a refugee centre – and was detained last night following the attack.

Berlin Christmas market attacker may be at large as police not certain they have right suspect – live – The Guardian:

Prosecutors assuming ‘attacker still on the loose’

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