Politico Implies President-Elect Donald Trump Lied Due To Information On His Driver’s License, Does Not Mention That Your Body Shrinks With Age, Or Can Fluctuate At Different Times Of The Day

It must have been a slow news day at Politico. Darren Samuelsohn, a senior policy reporter and contributor to Politico wrote this hard-hitting piece on President-Elect Donald Trump.

Trump’s driver’s license casts doubt on height claims – Politico:

It may just be an inch, but size apparently matters to Trump. A letterthat the businessman candidate displayed this summer from his longtime gastroenterologist — while appearing on the Dr. Oz show — stated he was 6-foot-3, though media reports were quick to point out discrepancies.

Darren Samuelsohn forgot to mention that the driver’s license was issued on 5/3/12, about 4+ years ago.

What tends to happen when your body ages?

Study: Why We Shrink With Age – The Atlantic:

PROBLEM: As gravity pulls down on us, as the cartilage between our joints wears down, and as our spines are weakened by osteoporosis, we shrink. The process, as with most processes associated with aging, is degenerative. But just as people age differently, people shrink differently — and how many inches we lose may tell us something about how we’ve lived our lives.

RESULTS: With age, men tended to shrink an average of 3.3 centimeters, or 1.3 inches. Women lost 3.8 centimeters, or an inch and a half. The researchers discovered a number of health and lifestyle indicators of height loss.

Yep, you’re shrinking as you get older. Here’s why – NBC News:

You’re not imagining it: You’re shrinking. And as the years slip by, you’re just going to keep getting shorter. This morning, TODAY contributor Dr. Roshini Raj explains the phenomenon discussed in a Wall Street Journal story last month.

“A little bit of shrinking is a normal part of aging, and it happens because of three things, basically,” Raj says. First, as we age, the discs between our vertebrates lose fluid, so they flatten a bit and your vertebrates “simply come together, so your spine is actually shrinking a little bit,” Raj explains.

Your height can fluctuate throughout the day.

12 Big and Little Facts About Your Height – Everyday Health:

Your Height Changes All Day Long

Just like your weight fluctuates throughout the day, your height can too. You’re tallest when you wake up and you may be as much as one centimeter shorter by the day’s end.

“The discs in your spine get compressed from being upright all day,” says Todd Sinett, DC, a New York City-based chiropractor and author of The Truth About Back Pain. As you sleep, your spine decompresses, and you regain the lost length.

BMI can oversimplify weight categories by ignoring natural fluctuations – Stanford Medicine:

BMI is a quick-and-dirty formula for categorizing individuals as “underweight,” “healthyweight,” “overweight,” or “obese,” based on height and weight – but it’s far from perfect. Weight, like most elements of health, is a spectrum, not a series of boxes. Gaining or losing one pound could cause a person to skip between the “healthy” and “overweight” categories if BMI is the only measure taken into account. Not only does this mean that two equally healthy people whose weight differed by a single pound could be subject to very different treatment healthwise – it also ignores factors like daily height and weight fluctuations.

The Science Behind Why You Add An Inch Or So To Your Height In The Morning – Business Insider

President-Elect Donald Trump could have misled the public about his height, or he is just like everyone else whose height and weight fluctuates throughout the day.

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