Alabama Business Owners Implicated In A Federal Fraud And Money Laundering Scheme, Chinese Nationals Illegally Entered United States

Illegal immigration is a hot topic in politics.

There is a side that wants to protect those who have arrived illegally due to a variety of reasons, and they also argued for better immigration laws. They believe that even though immigrants arrived illegally, they still contributed to the economy, and took the jobs that no one else wanted. There is a side who wants to rid illegal immigration and erect a wall due to the potential job loss of legal citizens, and alleged abuse of public services. Both sides are focused mostly with those who arrived south of the border of the United States. Legislation has been passed to address some of the debate about illegal immigrants and employment with E-verify.

E-verify was implemented to confirm that individuals are authorized to work in the United States. E-Verify is an Internet-based system that compares information from your Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification, to Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Social Security Administration (SSA), and Department of State (DOS) records. Source.

Then there are individuals who used illegal immigration to make a profit by circumvention of laws.

According to Local 15 (WPMI), several Alabama business owners have been implicated in a Federal fraud and money laundering scheme:

Several Mobile and Baldwin County business owners who have been implicated in a federal fraud and money laundering scheme. It involved helping Chinese immigrants enter the country illegally. One Fairhope business owner has already pleaded guilty.

A federal judge accepted Christopher Allen Dean’s guilty plea earlier this month. He’s the owner of the Eco Strong Systems, a spray foam company out of Fairhope. From 2011 to July of last year, federal investigators say Dean recruited other business owners to file petitions on behalf of Chinese nationals resulting in at least 22 fraudulent visa petitions filed by business owners in the Southern District of Alabama.

Local businesses implicated in immigration conspiracy – Lagniappe Weekly:

So far, Lagniappe has only found two indictments related to this case. Filed in late October, they allege a number of conspiracy and money laundering charges against Fairhope resident Christopher Allen Dean as well as David Jesus Jimenez of Miami, Florida.

However, as many as 16 local businesses may be implicated in the conspiracy for supposedly participating in a scheme to set up fraudulent visas in exchange for cash from the People’s Republic of China.

Dean and Jimenez’ indictments mention meeting with business owners or using bank accounts tied to Mobile, Daphne, Saraland, Orange Beach, Pensacola and Brewton. Earlier this week, a spokesperson for U.S. Attorney Kenyen Brown’s office declined to identify those businesses specifically or speak to whether their owners could face charges as well.

The root of this alleged conspiracy lies in the EB-1 visa program, which allows for expedited immigration for foreign workers meeting certain conditions and allows immigrants to bypass U.S. Department of Labor certifications required when entering the country on other types of work visas.

Case Details:

Seizure of Assets/Property:

The case involved illegal immigrants that arrived from the People’s Republic of China, which is not on the southern border of the United States. Business owners from within the United States conspired with oversea actors. Illegal immigration is complex. Politicians will continue to be petty.

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