Student At The Shipley School In Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania Claims Their Homework Included Calling Their Senators To Deny Trump Nominations

A student from The Shipley School In Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania went onto the website Reddit to tell others what was assigned for their homework. The student’s handle on Reddit is Datkoreanguy6. Datkoreanguy6 stated, “My Physics homework in my Senior Year of High school is to call my senators for them to deny trump nominations. This has gone way too far. I VOTED TRUMP AND THEY CAN’T CHANGE THAT!!!”

Here is the image posted of the homework:

The teacher asked the students if they either believed in the science for climate change or not. Here is what the teacher stated if the students did not believe in climate change:

Perhaps consider asking yourself, “Self, do I think that science is the best process we have going to make predictions about how things will turn out?”

If No – ok that’s your right, but perhaps it scares you anyway that the people nominated to run the EPA and the Department of Energy for the following administration are climate science deniers?

Perhaps consider calling your PA senators (who need to confirm both of these nominees) Casey (202) 224-6324 and Toomey (202) 224-4254, and letting them know what you think about this. These people represent you, and you’ll likely be able to vote on their next elections!

Did the teacher who assigned this homework go to far to sway the opinion of students?

The Shipley School is a private school.

Here is the school’s contact page.

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