CNN Panelist, Sally Quinn, Uses Hunger Games Metaphor: “Jared Kushner – Maybe One Of The People Who Has To Die”

March 27, 2017 at 23:00 ET: CNN Tonight, hosted by Don Lemon, covered calls for the Chairman Of The House Intelligence Committee to recuse himself from the Russia investigation, President Donald Trump wanting to work with Democrats on health care, and the Trump Administration enforcing the laws on immigration.

During the segment about President Donald Trump wanting to work with Democrats to on health care, a panelist may have crossed a line. The CNN panelist is Sally Quinn, Founding Editor of OnFaith.

Jared Kushner is President Donald Trump’s son-in-law!

 Here is the transcript:

LEMON: Yes. And if he goes back to and then loses again, how would that look? That would not be pretty.

Sally, I want to ask you. The President says he will work with Democrats on health care. Is that likely?

SALLY QUINN, FOUNDING EDITOR, ON FAITH: Well, I would just like to say that I think that Donald Trump has created an atmosphere in Washington of hunger games. Somebody is going to have to die every week. And I think that he may ultimately be the one who shoots himself in the foot or maybe the head. But if you look at all the people around him and the people who have stocked by him, everyone seems to be getting hurt. I mean, it just keeps rubbing off.

I mean, people who try to help him and there’s Paul Ryan who is ended up practically losing his reputation because of his involvement with health care. And Reince Priebus is probably on his way out if you read the inside White House gossip. Gary Cohen is probably on his way out. Bannon is still very strong. Jared Kushner may be one of the people who has to die if things do not go well in the intelligence committee briefing.  

LEMON: And you mean, all of this metaphorically, right, Sally. I mean –.

QUINN: Of course. You know what I’m talking about, the hunger games. Yes. I’m just talking about that somebody has –. 

LEMON: OK. Just want to put it in the right context here because people get a little alarmed when you say shooting and things.

QUINN: Right. No, no, no. Yes, exactly. But what I’m talking is all a metaphor is that somebody has to go. Walk the plank is what I’m talking about.

That is an odd way of saying someone has to go. What do you think?

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