Reddit Might Be Suppressing Pro-Trump Subreddit Subscriber Numbers

The popular site Reddit might have been suppressing subscriber numbers to a popular subreddit known as The_Donald.

RSPolitics was the first to break the story.

Developing: Millions of Active Pro-Trump Redditors Concealed By Site – RSPolitics:

An inquiry launched by Right Side Politics reveals almost 94% of subscribers to the popular Pro-Trump subreddit /r/The_Donald are suppressed from public view.
According to the website’s own advertising totals, over 5.6 Million users are withheld from the public subscriber counts.
Below is a screen shot of /the_donald’s public subscriber count. Note it reads 385,219.

 The anomaly was discovered after a digital advertising partner noticed a significant difference between the public facing subscriber counts and the advertising totals provided by Reddit.
You may recall, this is not the first time the popular Pro-Trump subreddit has clashed with the site’s staff. Last November the site drew heavy criticism after its CEO, Steve Huffman, publicly announced his plan to suppress posts from the /r/The_Donald from the rest of the site’s community.
To ensure this latest act of suppression wasn’t a site-wide problem, we compared the number of subreddit subscribers listed on the advertising platform page with the actual number of subscribers available for the public to view.
A screenshot of these comparisons is below.
A screen shot of the total subscribers of the top subs as well as analysis.
The average subscriber difference between advertising and publicly available counts for the top 11 subreddits (excluding /r/The_Donald) was a 43%. The percentage difference for /r/The_Donald was 1485%.
You be the judge.
This story will be updated as it unfolds throughout the day.

Why is subscriber number manipulation important?

Reddit tells you how their ad service works. If what was found today is true, Reddit’s ad revenue could have been made by fraudulent data that it provided to its customers.

Reddit could have defrauded its customers.

DEFRAUD: Intent to defraud is the intention to deceive others. It involves a specific intention to cheat others, for causing financial loss to others or bringing financial gain to one’s self. Intend to defraud can also include an intention to deceive others, and to induce such other person, in reliance upon such deception, to assume, create, transfer, alter, or terminate a right, obligation, or power of a property.


Reddit has changed the way it displays its advertising metrics. Notice how it shows ‘Daily Impressions’ instead of ‘Subscribers’ now.

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