CIA Director Mike Pompeo’s Moves Known In Advance?

Zanting of found some interesting exchanges on Twitter yesterday. Zanting published his findings here. The findings include Twitter users Mr.Smith (@GuardianRover)John Schindler (@20committee), and Louise Mensch (@LouiseMensch).

Twitter bios:                    

Tweets have been archived here:

Anon on 4Chan /pol/ came up with this possible timeline:

2/18/17 Langley leaked to @GuardianRover
4/13/17 Pompeo goes muh Russia against Wikileaks

4/13/17 @GuardianRover shares prior leak with Mensch
4/14/17 Pompeo goes full neocon re: Syria and threatens Iran

Is Twitter user Mr. Smith (@GuardianRover) one of the leakers? Should Louise Mensch and John Schindler be interviewed?

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