I’m never going to find a JOB!

Why am I stuck in between jobs, at a job I hate, or confused on where my next step lies in my career? Why, why, why? Why me? I have a degree! I have years of relevant experience in the field. I have been applying for several jobs every day. I even hired someone to write my RESUME! Well, there’s your answer! You have consumed yourself with pride, confusion, and negativity. Follow these steps and you will be on to better days in your job search:

  1. Humble yourself! Maybe it’s time for a new career whether it is temporary or for the better to get back on track. Ask your friends, family, and prior co-workers/colleagues regarding opportunities that they may be aware of.                                                    
  2. Uplift yourself! It’s time to shake that negative attitude. It’s time to remove negativity from your life completely. Believe it or not, negativity can lead to isolation, depression, and unproductive behaviors. There is no more time for that “pity party” you are creating for yourself. Also, when you’re interviewing for positions, the hiring manager can usually tell when someone has been affected by negativity or a “bad attitude.” Who wants to work with someone who is constantly complaining and feeling sorry for themselves?
  3. Focus your mind! It is time for clarity, not confusion. It is time to be open to a new direction, a new path. Whatever it’s going to take to help focus your mind, do it! Drink more water, take your vitamins, exercise! Focus on the goal and accomplish it with humility, positivity, and clarity.









Sometimes it requires a friend, family member, or even a coach to get back on track!

Saved by Christ & the grace of God. Wife, mother, daughter & sister. Career coach & future author.
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