Brent Budowsky, Of The Huffington Post And The Hill, Has Still Not Been Publicly Shamed For Coordinating Stories With John Podesta

Wikileaks released several thousand emails from Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Manager John Podesta. While combing over the Podesta Emails, I found a close relationship between Brent Budowsky, a columnist for Huffington Post and The Hill, and John Podesta. The relationship is odd and one that involved schemes/collusion. These individuals conspired to write hit-pieces on Donald Trump, and had a calendar made to appropriate the best timelines to release such stories to help Hillary Clinton during the primaries and other times in the election year.

Brent Budowsky’s email is Here is a direct link to a quick search of Brent Budowsky exchanges on Wikileaks, which returns about 267 results:

Brent Budowsky provided advice to John Podesta on how to shape the narrative for different issues that are bound to come up with Hillary Clinton’s Campaign. One email showed Brent Budowsky telling John Podesta to tell Hillary Clinton to stop attacking Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders in the Primaries:

Beyond this Hillary should stop attacking Bernie, especially when she says things that are untrue, which candidly she often does

One exchange between the conspirators suggest that Brent Budowsky is losing patience and will not wait for the Clintons to release a story:

…HRC and WJC could do an elevated version of the LBJ daisy ad against Goldwater who could start a nuclear war. I will writing column soon but the Clintons shouldn’t wait for me. Use tones that are statesmanlike and commander in chief-like, quoting professional Republican national security experts—not partisan or political language but HRC as commander in chief and WJC who was commander in chief addressing voters in serious waves.

A conversation needs to be had about all the reporters who seemed to be in cahoots with the Clintons. I believe the first man to fall in the light of scrutiny should be Mr. Brent Budowsky.


huskydog, a user of, pointed out the following:

BONUS—> Budowsky can be DIRECTLY tied back to the EARLIEST nebulous of an idea to TIE TRUMP TO RUSSIA/PUTIN as a political strategy.

(That I have personally found)

Dec 21st 2015:

“Best approach is to slaughter Donald for his bromance with Putin…”

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