Tom Arnold Cannot Accept Different Opinions: Black Conservative Woman Candace Owens “Sucks Racist D*ck”

Tom Arnold and Candace Owens have been at it on Twitter:

Screen shot:

Tom Arnold continued:

Tom Arnold seems to not like opinions that are not his own, and throws out fallacies with less than proper language. This is what happens when the modern left comes in contact with a free thinker, they cannot handle arguments, so they will use insults. The insults will be personal and without merit.

Tom Arnold went on to suggests that Candace Owens and Joy Villa are competing for President Donald Trump’s attention:

How come a black woman cannot be strong willed, talented, and a freethinker without getting insulted? Why can’t you support the President without being blasted as a racist? Tom Arnold definitely made an ass of himself. He went after two black women.

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